LABEAUME, a superb troglodyte village of the Ardèche

The village of Labeaume, a picturesque village on the natural park of the Throats is only 9 km from your campsite 3 stars in Ardeche. A visit of a typical village preserved and restored. Discover a troglodyte village dug in the gorges of the Ardèche on the cliff.

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It is crossed by the river Beaume, bringing a pleasant feeling of calm and serenity and during the summer season, you can laze serenely by the edge of its pebble beach, by the river.

Labeaume, hidden under the imposing limestone cliffs, carved caves troglodytes, is a true labyrinth where you will enjoy walking through small passages, stone walls and narrow houses. The top of the village offers a magnificent view of the hanging gardens. These are small cliff-shaped plots, formerly created by the inhabitants, who on an ungrateful soil have shown exceptional ingenuity to bring water to yhe gardens. Come visit those particularly preserved: The hanging gardens of Récatadou.

In the heart of the village, you can admire the church of Saint-Pierre-aux-Links whose date of construction is not known but which was found reference in 1262. This building will not leave you indifferent with its funny outside bell tower To the rest of the edifice, supported by two massive columns. On the wall of the chevet of the church, one can see a very beautiful sundial.

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At the top of the village, the castle of Labeaume sits in the blue sky, built on the cliff, inaccessible, its foundations are pierced by caves, refuges of the inhabitants in case of attack. Besides, a castle town once stretched out at the foot of the castle.

The village of Labeaume also prides itself on the presence of 142 dolmens all more impressive than the others and testifying to the daily life of the men of 4000 years ago.

Today, a peaceful village, Labeaume comes alive in summer with the festival “Labeaume en musique”, the way for the village to host lyrical or symphonic scenes.

Come to discover this village, oasis in a landscape of rugged garrigues, you will not regret it.